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Some gemstones which are precious stones

Gemstones are one of the commonly used accessories, which are often preferred by women from all ages. It is because of the quality and simplicity that is so widely preferred by one and all. There are varieties of gemstones available in the market and the choice must be wisely made because they also vary in range. The features of such stories are often looked upon to classify specifically gems. Different categories of gemstones have different characteristics and each have some sort of costs associated with it. While some of the gems like diamonds are often identified by its naturally occurring flaws, the other are often identified by the smoothness. While you buy some gemstone you must know the correct criteria to identify its authenticity.There are plenty of accessories, which females can buy from trusted gemstone Acqua London jewelery Contact +44 7779604505 , Blue Chalcedony , Tanzanite Quurt .


There are many gemstones which are also classified as precious stones and one must know these before making any buying decision and this is necessary so that you do not end buying something wrong or paying the wrong value for some accessory.




Here is the broad classification of gemstones which are categorized under precious stones:



  • Diamonds – This is natural stone which is formed with carbon remains. This is one of the costliest stone which has always been female’s favourite. Diamond is often categorized with its crystalline formation and thus it is clear and colourless most of the time. It is hardest substance available on earth. 
  • Emeralds – Emerald is a green colour gemstone which is composed of beryl and chromium. It is hard and attractive gemstone. The green colour of emerald is from chromium and vanadium. It is can accompany with other substances as well. 
  • Ruby – Ruby is a beautiful red colour gemstone which may also have hues of pink and purple. Its attractive shape makes it attractive for women from all ages. Ruby has mineral named corundum which is also responsible for its colour. 
  • Sapphire – Traditionally sapphire is a gemstone often symbolized with its dark blue colour but these days it is also available in a variety of green, purple and yellow shades. Sapphire can be traditional as well fancy and it is third hardest natural substance which has always been used for accessories. 


Often stones like Semi Precious Stones may also be classified under gemstones which are precious stones and this can also be a choice for women preferring precious stones jewelry.


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